Allow us to explain the processing after
making a request to NI-WA.


STEP 1 : Contact / お問い合わせ

Please consult with us by telephone or contact form.


STEP 2 : Proposal / 提案

Interviews with the person in charge or related staff and field work research are performed, and we are able to grasp the present problems and ideas. Based on this, a hypothesis is formed, opinions with the customer are exchanged, and we present a proposal.


STEP 3 : Received order / 受注

Members are selected from inside and outside the company to make a project team. A schedule and plan to proceed are determined, and then the project starts.


STEP 4 : Plan / 計画

The goal or object is clarified, and mainly, a basic plan, a contents plan, and a branding plan are determined. We make a hypothesis and verification from the customers’ points of view and the users’ points of view and formulate a plan to achieve the purpose.


STEP 5 : Execution / 実施

We place importance on an “effect rating of the carried out plan” and “continuous improvement” so a community is established.